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Heston Blumenthal

I. Grunwerg Ltd

Long has it been known that one of our nations favourite chefs, Heston Blumenthal uses and favours the Japanese knife brand called Tojiro. Tojiro are aimed at professional chefs and very keen home cooks. Heston loves the design, weight and blade edge of the Tojiro range each of which make the brand a premium choice.

Recently Heston has been reaching out to us all at home with his ‘how to cook like Heston’ TV show and new cookbook ‘Heston Blumenthal at home’. Alongside the TV show and cookbook we have been working closely with Heston to develop a range of knives which fit into a more achievable price point. So forget about how to cook like Heston you now CAN cook like Heston!

Using Hestons favoured design we have created a 3 layer blade from the finest steel, made with quality precision and craftsmanship to ensure the performance and accuracy expected from the Heston Blumenthal kitchen knives brand.

There are 8 knives in the range; 4’’ Paring Knife, 5’’ Utility Knife, 7’’ Flexible Boning Knife, 6’’ Cooks Knife, 7’’ Santoku Knife, 8’’ Chefs Knife, 8’’ Carving Knife and 8’’ Bread Knife.

Heston tells us, ‘For balance, technical precision and design, these are outstanding kitchen knives’