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Sharpening Guide

Knives should be kept sharp at all times. There are many types of sharpeners on the market.  Please do not use metal steels. Ceramic sharpeners are fine. For professional results, however, we recommend sharpening your knives on a whetstone around once or twice a month. After soaking the whetstone as directed, tilt the blade edge at an angle of 10° - 20° to the stone and draw the blade up and down the length of the stone.

After sharpening, knives should be washed in hot water and then dried thoroughly.

Whilst sharpening, do not flush away the thick liquid which will form from your whetstone. This contains a sharpening agent.

Care Guide

Before Use

Tojiro knives come out of the factory with a very sharp edge.  Please inspect and make sure your knife is correctly formed.  Before first use, please wash the knife using a soft sponge and mild kitchen detergent.  Rinse well with water and dry thoroughly.

Caution in Use

  • Our knife blades are sharp!  Please always pick up and hold the knives securely by the handles.
  • Please keep securely out of the reach of small children. Youngsters should be supervised when using kitchen knives.
  • Do not use the tip of the knife as a screwdriver or can opener. Do not twist the knife in a crosswise direction, as this could damage or break the blade. Please use a plastic or wooden cutting board.
  • Do not use the knives for cutting through fish or meat bones or hard material which may damage the fine blade edge.
  • Do not use for cutting frozen food.  Food from the freezer should first be allowed to defrost.
  • Do not place knife near a flame or source of heat.

Cleaning and Storage

  • Please wash your knives immediately after use using a soft sponge and mild detergent. Rinse well and dry thoroughly with a kitchen towel.
  • Please do not use a dishwasher for such high quality knives. Rust spots may appear if knives are left dirty, or in contact with salty or acidic solutions, or certain detergents.  They can be avoided if knives are kept clean and dry at all times.
  • Please store knives safely in a suitable knife block or on a magnetic wall rack.